Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warlight Game Tactics, N Korea

Take N. Korea on first move by deploying your armies as illustrated below.

  • Default armies = 5 per territory
  • Default territories = 4
  • Default troops per turn = 5 
Each territory will attack with 4 armies ( 1 will remain ) except for P'Yongang Namdo ( the territory with 10 ) where the five armies have been added to the default 5. Those extra 5 armies will attack Kangwon-Do , while 4 will attack Hamgyong-Namdo and 1 will remain.

With the default luck factor set at 75%, results will vary. Each attack ( there are 5 ) will have an 87% chance of succeeding. A typical result is illustrated below.

It is fortunate that the 2 territories bordering S. Korea contain 3 armies each. Only 2 armies will be needed in each of those territories for an assault, south to the 2 adjacent territories. On the northern border, more armies will be needed for an attack on Ji Lin.

17 armies are available for deployment within N. Korea.

  • 12 bonus armies
  • 5 default armies per turn

17 armies are enough to attack the 6 adjacent territories, as illustrated below. As before, each territory is attacked with 4 armies, leaving 1 behind.

Notice a transfer of armies from Hamgyong-Namdo. 2 will transfer, 1 will remain. They will be available for transfer to the north ( into Ji Lin ) on the next turn.

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