Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Find The Wireless Network Security Key In Windows 7

Click on the Start button and then select the control panel option from the start menu. A window will open.

Select the Network and Internet option from this window. Another window will open.

Select the Network and Sharing Center option. Yet another window will open.

Select the Manage Wireless Networks option ( on the left ). A list of networks will display.

Select the one for which you want to know network security key. A window will open.

Check on the check box which says Show Characters. You should be able to see the network security key for the network you have selected.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Publishing Feeds from Google Reader

Having lost the ability to publish rss feeds in Google Reader, an alternate method of publishing is needed. The web addresses of published feeds display the label at the end of the url;

  • http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user/03256507980052811175/label/nym

The last ( green ) word in the address can be changed, to access any label applied in Google Reader. The public can view that published feed if they have the url.

Notes cannot be created manually in Google Reader, but full rss feeds from blogs hosted at blogspot.com can be subscribed to and assigned to a folder in Google Reader whose web address displays the name of that folder as a label at the end of that url.

This message was created at http://nymstips.blogspot.com/. It is also published as a shared item from Google Reader, but not in the main Shared item stream.