Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warlight Game Tactics, Gui Zhou

Take Gui Zhou on first move by deploying your armies as illustrated below.

  • Default armies = 5 per territory
  • Default territories = 4
  • Default troops per turn = 5 

Each territory will attack with 4 armies ( 1 will remain ) except for Zunyi Prefecture ( the territory with 10 ) where the five armies have been added to the default 5. Those extra 5 armies will attack Qiandongnan Prefecture , while 4 will attack Tong Ren and 1 will remain.

With the default luck factor set at 75%, results will vary. Each attack ( there are 5 ) will have an 87% chance of succeeding. A typical result is illustrated below.

Reinforce the Southern, and the Northern territories so that each territory can launch an attack with 4 armies. Remember that 1 army will remain. 

17 armies are available for deployment within Gui Zhou.
  • 12 bonus armies
  • 5 default armies per turn
7 attacks are illustrated below, each with 4 armies except for the attack from Zunyi Prefecture which is attacking with 3 armies ( slightly less than 70% chance of succeeding ).

The purpose of occupying the entire country on your first move is to gain the bonus of 12 armies that will be used in the next turn. In this example, there are no hostile armies neighboring Gui Zhou. If there were enemy armies present, many or all of your armies would be available to eliminate them ( Which is of course the objective. Acquiring territories and countries is only the means to that end ).

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